What is a tour?

A tour assembles various components of a trip into a single package that can be purchased. It comes in two basic varieties: an independent tour, which normally consists of transportation, lodging, and sometimes meals and activities, and which you can assemble on your own to fit your itinerary, and an organized package tour, which has some or all of the components of an independent tour, but follows an itinerary set by a tour company and is led by an experienced guide.


Should I book an independent package tour?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following:

✓ You value flexibility and don’t want to be limited to a seven- or ten-day “experience.”

✓ You like to explore new places and would prefer to determine where you eat and what you do on vacation.

✓ You like to keep tabs on how much each component of your vacation costs and who is directly responsible for it.


Should I consider an escorted package tour?

Yes, if …

✓ You would like to have everything planned for you, from where your stay, what you see, how you get there. Some meals are included in an escorted tour. (A few of the new tours also have more “flex” time built into them, so they aren’t as rigid as a traditional escorted package.)

✓ You’re don’t really like exploring a place on your own, and enjoy being around other people.

✓ You’re concerned about dealing with another language and customs.


What’s so great about a package tour?

✓ The appeal of a tour is obvious once you understand how it works. But since tours can be a little complicated, even to someone who has written about them for most of his career, the benefits aren’t necessarily self-evident. Why should you consider entrusting your entire vacation to a tour operator?

✓ It’s affordable. Tour operators buy their rooms, flights and activities and pass the savings along to you (see “a tour by the numbers” for details)

✓ It’s organized by a pro. Knowing that a vacation was planned by an industry professionals is reassuring, especially when you’re traveling overseas.

✓ You pay up front. You’ll know exactly how much your vacation will cost, minus tips and incidentals. Note: There’s a downside to this, too. I’ll have more on tour operator bankruptcies in a minute.

✓ Better access. It’s true, tour groups almost never have to wait in any lines for the museums and the choice attractions. Also, they get into places others can’t and are frequently given VIP treatment on the ground.


How can i view my Country Currency Prices on your Website?

There  is a drop down box on our Website just opposite to our Company Logo on the right hand top corner, you can Click this dropdown box & select your Country Currency after which you will be able to view the amount as per your Country Currency.


How do i know whether the Tour selected by me is available for the particular day i want to make the Booking?

When you are on the Tour Page wherein you are able to view the list of Tours kindly check the Tour your willing to Book there might be a select icon just below the Price displayed. All you need to do is you need to click the Select icon after which you see a drop down appearing with a few options below wherein on the left hand corner appears with an name that states Tour Option. Just below it you find the option which will clearly display the status of your Tour for the particular day as available in a green coloured box.


When will I receive a Voucher after making an Online Payment?

You will receive a Voucher immediately on your Mail once you make the Payment Online.



Is my Payment secure?

Your Payment information is encrypted in such a way that it remains highly secured through our Payment Gateway.

Can I use my Credit Card to make the Payment?

Yes you can use your Credit Card to make the Payment Online.

Just for your information that our Payment Gateway accepts both Debit & Credit cards for the Payments.


Do you offer Customer Support assistance in case i have any doubts related to my Booking?

Yes we have a team of highly dedicated staff that will be available 24/7 for your support. We have different means of support like Email, Telecalling, Whatsapp You can use any means of these services whichever may be convenient to you at the time. The Contacts for the Customer support is been set on the center of our Website on the right hand corner with their symbols for your selection.